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Sing To The Lord A New Song

22nd July 2018 |

This morning our guest speakers were Mike and Kay Chance. Mike and Kay are America’s who have been living and ministering in Germany for the last nearly 40 years.

We were very blessed by their ministry, they encouraged us to “Sing to the Lord a New Song”.

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Peace in the Storm

15th July 2018 |

This morning Philip shared a great word on “Peace in the Storm” from Mark 6 v 45 – 56. He gave us some great thoughts about how we might feel when we are in the middle of a storm and need peace.

  • The wind is against you so that you may know God’s presence in your life.
  • It is God’s presence that makes you successful.
  • If the wind was with you, you would think it was the wind that helped you on your journey.
  • If it was easy you would think wrong things / have the wrong attitude.
  • If the wind was not against you, would have no need for the Lord to come into your situation to bring peace.
  • Jesus knows your situation, he knows every detail, he is praying for you “continually interceding for you”.
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Divine Intervention at the Midnight Hour

8th July 2018 |

This morning Tony Higgins shared an entertaining word entitled “Divine Intervention at the Midnight Hour”, he shared from Act 16 v 25-26. He had 4 main points:

  1. 1. God works the midnight shift.
  2. 2. Make your prison a pulpit.
  3. 3. God is at work on your midnight hour.
  4. 4. When God moves, respond.
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Jacob’s Blessing

1st July 2018 |

This morning our guest speaker Gerard Vandervegt from Good Shepherd Homes shared a great word on the story of Jacob. He shared about Jacob early life but the focus of the talk was from Genesis 32 v 21-30 – when Jacob met and wrestled with God and then received a blessing. Jacob, was alone, isolated and tired and God chose to reveal himself.  “When all you have left is God, eventually you discover that HE is ALL you need”. “The blessing of God is by grace but you qualify to walk in it by encounter”.

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Therefore Go And Make Disciples

24th June 2018 |

This morning Joel shared a great word looking at how Jesus interacted with and discipled Simon Peter.

  1. 1. Jesus came to Peter and met him where he was.
  2. 2. Jesus calls out in Peter what the Father sees in him.

He encouraged us to look at how we can get alongside people and help meet the needs of those that need Jesus.

“Let’s ask him to show us how to meet people in their everyday life and show us what he sees in others”.

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Facing The Impossible

17th June 2018 |

This morning George and Chiemene shared from 2 Kings 6 on the subject “Facing the Impossible”.

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