Empowered to Roar – Conference Audio

We had the privilege of hosting “Empowered to Roar” our Autumn Conference with Andrew Herschell and his daughter Britanni on the 6th-8th October 2017. Their ministry was such a blessing.

Below is the audio from the 4 sessions. Be blessed as you take time to listen again.

NB: Personal words that were given over the weekend have been taken out of the main audio and sent to the individuals via email.

Session 1:
Friday 6th October @ 7.30pm – Mark 5 v 1-20.

Andrew encouraged us to look at the things in our lives that are getting in the way of dedicating our lives to God. We need to reposition ourselves to come into a place of Humility.

Session 2: Saturday 7th October @ 6pm – 1 Samuel 15 v 22, Genesis 11 v 27 – 12 v 8,  Job 36 v 11, Philippians 2 v 6-8.

Andrew shared the next steps that we need to work on, Obedience and Sacrifice, they go hand in hand but we tend to find it easier to sacrifice than to obey. God said in Samuel 15 v22, “listen and obey is better than sacrifice”. Are we obeying the Lord, are we spending enough time with him to be able to listen.

Session 3: Sunday 8th October @ 10am – Psalm 40 v 1-4

This morning both Andrew spoke on Perspective and Focusing in on God’s presence.  We need to get focused on him and not distracted by everything around us. Brittani spoke on the Song that is given out of the Perspective that God gives.

Session 4: Sunday 8th October @ 6pm – John 5 v 1-15

This evening Andrew encouraged us to think about what it is that we want in our individual situations.
What is it that we believe we would like for our own life? What do we want to see for our community / family? What do we want for Margate?

NB: Personal words that were given during the prayer time that Andrew mentions at the end have been taken out of the main audio and sent to the individuals if requested via via email.



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