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God’s Original Plan, Us In His Image

31st March 2019 |

This morning David Drozdowski spoke on “God’s Original Plan, Us in His Image”.

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The Call, The Commission & The Cloud of Glory

24th March 2019 |

This morning George and Chiemene spoke together again.

They shared about the time in your life when there is:

  • – the call
  • – the commission
  • – the cloud of Glory
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The Glory

17th March 2019 |

This morning Philip shared on “The Glory”. He spoke from 2 Corinthians 3 v9 onwards and also read an extract from an account of the 1906 Azuza Street Revival where the Glory of God appeared as a tangible cloud. He spoke about how prayer, fasting and pressing into God is key in seeing the Glory and revival.

God has a plan for us, he wants us to go from glory to glory and to experience all that he has for us. Philip encouraged us to press in, not to stand still or look at the past, he encouraged us to live in the expectation of seeing the cloud of glory again.

  1. We are not living under the old covenant law any more.
  2. We are not living in the faded glory that Moses experienced.
  3. We are going from glory to glory, ever changing and being transformed.
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The Narrow Gate

10th March 2019 |

This morning Joel spoke about “The Narrow Gate”. His talk had 4 key points:

  1. Gate – The ‘narrow gate’ that Jesus talks about, the “one that is hard to find” is to love others as we would like to be loved.
  2. Names – Names, connect us to people, they break barriers down, changing unknown to known, changing fear of the unknown to familiar.
  3. Slap – Luke 6 v 27-29 – Creating equality by the action “turn the other cheek”.
  4. Coffee – Be proactive in your love “…do for others as you want them to do for you” by breaking down barriers.
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How Good Does Jesus Look On Me

3rd March 2019 |

This morning the wonderful Liz Burrows shared the word again.

Today she spoke on the subject “How Good Does Jesus Look on Me”. Liz spoke passionately about how we can show Jesus in our everyday life in our actions both big and small.

  1. God formed us in his image.
  2. Sin deformed us.
  3. The Journey of Transformation.
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From Forsaken to a Crown of Beauty

24th February 2019 |

This morning Jonathan shared on the subject “From Forsaken to a Crown of Beauty”.

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