Lizzie’s Story

My name is Lizzie and I am a born again Christian. I was born with Treacher Collins Syndrome and had no ears, cheek bones or chin. Throughout my childhood I had much reconstructive plastic surgery at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital.

I wore a type of alice band conductor hearing aid from the age of 5 to age 40. I had a Bone Anchor Hearing Aid implant (called a BAHA) in 1996 but it has the disadvantage of picking up background noise.

Two years ago I joined New Life Family Church, where I attended an Alpha Course. I had my first experience of the Holy Spirit when my Prayer Leader and a friend prayed for me. Wow! What an amazing experience. Coming into church is like being part of a friendly and supportive family. Over the 2 years the church family prayed many times for God to heal my deafness and to grow in the Lord.

Then, on Christmas Eve, something amazing happened. I had surgery to remove an implant from my cheek which I had outgrown. My hearing aid was removed prior to the surgery, afterwards I was woken up in the recovery room by very loud noises. I told the nurse that it was very noisy , but she misunderstood me and asked if I wanted my hearing aids. I said ‘no thank you’ with great alarm! I fell asleep and was pushed back to the day ward. I woke up again and the nurse was talking to me without my hearing aid on.

I left the hospital feeling really well and had to put my hearing aid on the lowest setting as I was picking up all sorts of new noises.

I decided to make an appointment to see the Audiologist for a hearing test to prove to myself that my hearing had increased since my last hearing test in 1995. On the 2nd February I went to the William Harvey Hospital for my test with my friend Diane. After I confirmed who I was I explained to Mrs Matthews (my Audiologist) why I wanted a hearing test. She was shocked to find that I had no holes in the side of my head when I removed my prosthetic ears and so she could not use her auroscope to look into them as she had intended to do. I took off my hearing aid and went into the sound booth and could hear all of her instructions. Mrs Matthews was very confused and kept adjusting the headphones etc and could not believe the response she was getting on her computer screen. She asked me if I was responding to the vibrations and I said ‘No, I am hearing the sound.’ She even rechecked my identity with Diane because she could not believe the results.

The results showed my hearing had increased by twice as much and the vibration test had improved to 100%. She could not understand it and was very puzzled. Diane and I told her that we were Christians and we believed that God had healed me.

I will have the results of the chart to show everyone, to prove that I have indeed been healed. We left the hospital giggling and praising God together on the way home. I even spoke on a mobile phone for the first time to tell a special friend the great news. Praise the Lord for he is good and wonderful. This is a miracle! Hallelujah!

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