John Murphy – My Story

My name is John Murphy, I am married to Susanne and we live in Herne Common, between Herne Bay and Canterbury.

In February 2010 I suffered a suspected heart attack, the subsequent tests discovered I had coronary heart disease, due to a complication in my treatment I became very anaemic. It was also discovered that I had a couple of crumbling vertebrae in my neck matching two that had been found a few years ago. The previous damage to my spine was due to 25 years of playing guitars in my musical career and 17 years of even greater damage in my last career in TV and Film operating very large telescopic cranes, it was not unusual to lift 60kilos.

I was told by an orthopaedic surgeon that if I carried on abusing my body in this way I would end up in a wheelchair. I did heed his warning and carried on the lighter part of the job which still consisted of 16 to 20 hour days and sharing the lifting.  We believed that God had a plan for us but couldn’t see past the need for the job and the impossibility of living without this income.

What I couldn’t decide to do God did and through my cardiac and resultant problems I was prevented from returning to my job.

Over the last two years I have been coming to terms with this change of direction and marvelling that somehow we were still paying our bills and eating, result, God is indeed good.

Over the last 6 to 9 months my back has deteriorated to the point I could only walk a very short distance before I had to sit down to relieve the pain, my mobility was now quite compromised. This brings us to our visiting New Life, where we knew some friends, and discovered we knew many more from our past. We were welcomed in a very honest and genuine way which encouraged us to go again.

Some three Sundays ago George called people forward for healing, my wife said, “I believe you should go for your back”, I was happy to just stay anonymous in my seat and said I was going to pass, Sus asked again and I refused again. Sus then tapped Ken Burrows on the shoulder and said he should take me up for prayer I was still happy to remain where I was but with both my persistent lovely wife and now a badgered Ken we shuffled to the front of the church. Ken and another guy started to pray for me and I had this strange feeling of getting taller, I was, to say the least a bit surprised, and I wondered whether I was imagining this or if Ken was pressing down. After a while I turned to Ken and asked him if he felt me going upwards, he replied that he wondered what I was doing and thought I was standing up straighter, I said I was doing nothing.

I am now just under an inch taller than I have ever been and am able to walk for long distances before I have any twinges at all. Amazing, thank you Lord.

In addition to this wonderful miracle Ken and the other guy carried on praying during the week for our family, which I have to say is not a little dysfunctional for reasons to involved to say here. During this time our children have been opening up to us in ways we haven’t experienced for years and the healing in my body was now taking place in my family, for me an even greater miracle.

These healings are still continuing and each day brings new revelation and challenges. We praise God, through our Lord Jesus Christ for these amazing gifts to us and the challenges to trust Him more deeply and courageously as our lives continue to change.

Thank you Lord


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