Jenny’s Testimony

I was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer three years ago in July 2013. While I was lying on the bed waiting to have a biopsy to see if the lump was cancerous, I heard words in my head from Psalm 23 “even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for you are with me” and I then knew that it was cancer but I was reassured that God was with me. I had a mastectomy and two lymph nodes removed in September and I started a course of chemotherapy in November which lasted until February. Life gradually returned to normal and my hair grew back (thankfully!) and we thought that was the end of it as the surgeon said that all the cancer had been removed in the op.

However, in October 2015 I began to feel slightly generally unwell and had blood tests but nothing showed up. I also had a tickly cough but thought nothing of it, but one night it was really bad and I felt the Lord reminding me of the advert that says if you’ve had a cough for three weeks, see a doctor. The next day I went to the doctor and as soon as he listened to my chest he sent me for an x-ray and the same afternoon I received a phone call to say that they could see fluid and a mass on my lungs and I would have to go for a scan. I wasn’t worried as I just thought it was pleurisy or pneumonia. Around that time I was reading my daily bible reading when a verse jumped out at me, Psalm 118 v 17 “I will not die but live and will proclaim what the Lord has done”. I said, “why are you telling me that Lord, there’s nothing much wrong with me” because I really didn’t think that the cancer had come back.

Eventually secondary cancer was diagnosed in the lining of my lung and I was told by the Consultant that it wasn’t curable but it was treatable. I had to have the fluid drained off my lungs twice, the second time in Guys last December and I was put on strong hormone tablets which may have held back the cancer. However, these tablets didn’t work so I had to start taking chemo tablets in March this year. I had a scan in March and then another one at the end of May and one in August. When we went to see the Oncologist at the beginning of June is was amazing because she showed up pictures of the two scans and it was clear that at least 80% of the cancer had gone. The most recent scan was in August, we went to see the Oncologist at the beginning of September and this time the scan pictures were even more amazing – there is now only a really tiny bit of cancer left which is quite hard to see!

Left: March 2015 Scan Right: August 2016 Scan

Left: March 2015 Right: August 2016

I’m really praising God for his healing and trusting Him to heal the rest. I’ve had loads of prayer and all the way through I’ve been reminding God of his promises in His Word to heal me and not letting my mind go down negative paths. It’s been a battle as the devil always wants us to fear the worst but God ultimately has the victory!


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