“They Devoted Themselves…”

Acts 2 v40-42.

As we start the new year I want to encourage you all to get back to basics in 2019.

Having all been saved by faith in Christ, we express our love and gratitude through devotion to Him and regular Bible study, prayer, fellowship and breaking of bread should be a part of our routine. In addition, our commitment to the Lord will be revealed through a passion to obey, a spirit of humility, and a heart for service. We can see this through the life of King David and many others.

  • Obedience – David sought to obey God all his life. As a shepherd boy, he faithfully tended the animals in his father’s fields. Whilst king, he set aside his desire to build the temple and let Solomon lead the effort as God had commanded. Although David lived imperfectly, his desire was to do what the Lord asked. We see from Jesus’ words in John 14:15 that obedience should be our high priority as well: He said, “If you love Me, you will keep My commandments”.
  • Humility – After David killed Goliath, the crowds shouted praise about the young man. However, he did not become prideful. Instead, he remained in King Saul’s service and waited for God to make him the ruler of Israel. Even as king, he remained humble. He knew that what had been accomplished was because of the Lord’s actions and not his own (2 Samuel 7 v18).
  • Service – Whether David was a lowly shepherd or a mighty king, his goal was to obey God and serve Him. This man after God’s own heart was fully devoted to his Lord. He sought to know Him and longed to carry out His will.

David’s actions reflected his humble attitude of servanthood and a longing to please his heavenly Father. For 2019 let us recommit ourselves to devote our lives to God and to one another. Take steps each day to be sure that your life expresses commitment to Jesus.

Be blessed in 2019 – Philip

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  1. Angela Trett says:

    Thank you pastor Philip, I always read the posts of encouragement, you are all in my thoughts and prayers always, even though I am not there with you at church, I am there in spirit. I also often feel that I am being prayed for by some? But bless you and everyone also for 2019, and I hope to see you all very soon Ang (alpha)

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