Give Up Or Press On?

“Forgetting those things that are behind, …I press on” – Philippians 3 v13-14.

Let’s be encouraged by those who, in spite of the mistakes, failures, and weaknesses of their past lives, pressed on to be the people God had called them to be.

Abraham became a man who was known as ‘Friend of God’ and as ‘Father of the Faithful’ and yet at one time he was an idol worshipper. Joseph boasted and upset his brothers. He landed up as a slave and a convict but he became Prime Minister of Egypt. Moses tried to ‘help’ God and became a murderer on the run. He was the one God chose to be the leader of Israel from slavery. Rahab was a Jericho street girl but was used by God to help his people and is named in the list of faiths heroes, Hebrews 11.

The list gets even more interesting! Both Eli and Samuel were weak fathers, but both were mighty men in the hand of God. We remember Jonah in the Old Testament and Mark in the New. Both ran away in the face of a challenge – but were restored by love. How about Peter? Yes, and Saul who became Paul? He was such a hard case that the disciples could hardly believe that he had become a Christian!

None of us are free from things we would rather forget! And yet God has chosen us. Not because we were strong, but because we were weak. Not because we could handle life but because we couldn’t. He has never given up on us. Remember, “It is by grace we are saved” Ephesians 2v8.

Every one of these and many others had a place in God’s great plan of redemption, salvation, and healing. So do you and me! That’s why, by God’s grace we will not give up, but press on! When anything hinders our faith, our joy, or our fellowship with the family, let our Father’s love, joy, peace, and forgiveness fill our lives.

Be blessed as you press on.


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