Changed from the Inside Out

“It is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure” – Philippians 2:13.

This week we take another ‘Encouragement’ from Dot Turner’s recent book, ‘Fearless and Free’. Dot once resided in Thanet with her husband John but now lives in Canada where they are part of a lively Christian fellowship.

If we succumb to thoughts of fear we discover a gravitational pull that keeps us focused on our circumstances. God never intended that we should live that way! I hear Him say, “The sky is the limit! Imagine the possibilities!” We are able by God’s grace to cast our cares on Him, rise on the wings of prayer and praise, and ascend to heights no mortal could attain without God’s power. When we make God’s promises of victory and protection our focus, we are able to view life altogether differently. We begin to see ourselves as He sees us.

Meditating on His Word enables us to think like He thinks, to view life from His perspective. His word is His creative and transforming power and when it lives in us it changes us from the inside out. No amount of self-help or outward behavioural change will bring lasting results but when we keep God’s word in our hearts it not only transforms us but it becomes the governing authority in our lives. Instead of living according to our own reasoning or how we feel, we live by God’s word. Old thoughts of weakness and fear are erased. They are replaced with thoughts of ability and success that flow from the faith God’s word has deposited in our hearts.

Jesus told us that out of the abundance of our hearts our mouth speaks (Luke 6:45). Instead of confessing lack or inability, and speaking words of discouragement, we find our confession, now flowing from the faith that lives in our hearts, is in harmony with God’s will for us. It pleases Him. No longer do we contradict what He says about us. Instead, we agree with Him. Our confession now reflects the new man, our re-born spirit, who is made in the image and likeness of God. We discover an entirely new perspective on life. Our imagination is coloured and shaped by the greater One who lives in us. Old thoughts and attitudes fall away as we rise up with confidence in God to be and do all He has purposed for our lives.

Thank you Dot for this encouraging word. You can read more from Dot’s book on her

Be Blessed Eddie.

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