A Passionate Prayer From A Praise Filled Heart

“O Lord God of hosts, hear my prayer; Give ear, O God of Jacob!” – Psalm 84 v8

This whole Psalm is an expression of praise and thanksgiving to God. It is full of excitement, wonder and anticipation. It is also a song of dedication and devotion. The more I read it the more I feel like the writer, or writers of this Psalm felt. Up to this point, the Psalm speaks of the blessing of God’s dwelling place and the joy of their journey there. Now he breaks out in speaking directly to God. In his heart, he is already there, in the Temple, and he is lifting his heart to God. Think about what he says.

“O Lord God of Hosts” This can be translated, as it is in many versions, “God of Armies”.  In every need and situation, we have a mighty God. He has provided for our salvation and given us eternal life in Christ. In addition to that there is a mighty army of angels, the same “Heavenly Host” that filled the air with praises as the Angel of the Lord told the Shepherds that Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Luke 2 v8-14. What tremendous recourses are at hand when we pray. Interesting, the first time we read about God being called the “Lord of Hosts” is in 1 Samuel 1 v11 when Hannah prayed for a son. She was in distress. She was “in bitterness of soul and wept in anguish” as she cried out and said “O Lord of Hosts…” And we know how the Lord answered. She gave birth to Samuel who became a great servant of God. Hannah must have passed on her testimony to her descendants because now we know that Hannah was the great, great grandmother of the “Son’s of Korah” the writers of this Psalm. That is maybe why they refer to God as “The Lord of Hosts” four times in this song and prayer of praise.

And how about “O God of Jacob”? Jacob, whose life was changed by an encounter with God and whose name God changed to Israel. Read his story in Genesis 28-33. Now, through Christ, the God of Jacob can do the same for us.  He can give us a new life, a new future and a new hope.

As we gather together, let passionate praise and passionate prayer combine to fill the air with His glory. “The Lord of hosts is with us; The God of Jacob is our refuge” – Psalm 46 v7.

Blessings on your week.


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