CWMBRAN – Come on God!

Visit to Welsh Outpouring 1st June 2013

I went on the 4 hour trek from Margate to Wales (6-10 hours on the way back but that’s another story!)  wanting to find the tangible presence of God but to be honest I have felt that much deeper at other times and places.

Victory Church, Cwmbran, is a very basic warehouse church, the only noticeable difference being that many of the congregation are hardened ex convicts – pretty effective stewards/ bouncers, no-one dared go into the auditorium before the set time of 7pm!! The preacher was easy to listen to, simple and funny. Would have made a good stand up comedian.

Then when he gave an appeal for salvation about 15 people came forward almost all grown men! After praying for them and handing out bags of literature, they started prayer for healing and I raised a hand for people who had asked me to prayer for them. The requests for prayer were at times hard and heart wrenching. There was a man completely blind who had traveled from Lincoln to seek healing, and then a couple who have an autistic son and had brought his favourite t shirt for prayer in the hope that when he puts it on he will be completely whole. It didn’t shake the faith and persistence of the pastors. There were testimonies of healings from previous meetings and prayer cloths but they don’t tend to testify about healings on the day as they like to see longer term proof or medical confirmation.

The focus of the worship and the message was totally about Jesus. What struck me most was the selflessness of this small church who have allowed Jesus and the world to interrupt their whole lives. The pianist played for over 5 hours straight and has probably done that most nights for the past 8 weeks. The stewards, coffee shop team, tec team, video, cleaners etc were all there serving strangers. The church had had a wedding that day and bride/groom and entourage had all been sent off by 5pm so the building could be rearranged for the evening arrival of coachloads of visitors. Even the book shop lady opened at 10.30pm so we could buy things. REAL SELFLESS FAITH. (Incidentally although there were envelopes on the chairs no offering was taken or even mentioned, so the church are trusting God to completely cover all their costs.)

The overwhelming truth is that this is all about salvation. Not every one is healed but it seems that the  miracles that ARE happening are the ones which have most impact for salvation of those outside the church. So if you are thinking of going, don’t go with any preconceptions. It is not about us Christians going for refreshing and receiving UNLESS it is to see people come to Him. I ended the evening praying with one of our young people who had become a Christian right there in Cwmbran. She was bathed in the Holy Sprirt and trying to make sense of the feeling. I had forgotten what that joy was like – its been so long since I have been present when someone is first introduced to Jesus and seen them totally overwhelmed by His love for them – but a far better feeling than just a bless-me soaking. I really believe God is willing, able and waiting to do the similar or more in every place where His people are willing to truly say “It’s all about You, Jesus”

I see a generation
Rising up to take the place
With selfless faith, selfless faith
I see a near revival
Stirring as we pray and seek
We’re on our knees, we’re on our knees

Julie W

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