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Therefore Go And Make Disciples

24th June 2018 |

This morning Joel shared a great word looking at how Jesus interacted with and discipled Simon Peter.

  1. 1. Jesus came to Peter and met him where he was.
  2. 2. Jesus calls out in Peter what the Father sees in him.

He encouraged us to look at how we can get alongside people and help meet the needs of those that need Jesus.

“Let’s ask him to show us how to meet people in their everyday life and show us what he sees in others”.

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Facing The Impossible

17th June 2018 |

This morning George and Chiemene shared from 2 Kings 6 on the subject “Facing the Impossible”.

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Where Is Your Focus

10th June 2018 |

This morning Philip shared a great word on “Where is Your Focus”.

He shared from Acts 3 v 1-10 and used a few props to illustrate the four points below perfectly.

Focus – Priority – Commitment – Movement.

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3rd June 2018 |

This morning Dominic spoke on Faith and how you need and can have faith in a variety of situations.

He shared from 2 Chronicles 23 v 1-25.

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It’s Not How You Start, It’s How You Finish

20th May 2018 |

This morning George shared a great word, entitled “It’s Not How You Start, It’s How You Finish”

He shared from Luke 5 v 1-6 and Act 3 v 1-10.

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BRAVE – Be Ready And Very Expectant

13th May 2018 |

This morning Chimene encouraged us to be BRAVE – Be Ready And Very Excited (or Expectant). God wants to bring us to a place of breakthrough and we need to make space and be ready for this. She read from 2 Samuel 5: 17-25.

W – wait on the Lord
A – act on what he tells you to do
R – remove what he tells you is in the way

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