Leave The Past Behind

22nd September, 2018

Matthew 11:29 This week’s Encouragement is from special guest Dot Turner's recent book, ‘Fearless and Free’. Many years ago Dot was part of this fellowship and now lives in Canada with her husband John. You can read more of Dot’s book on her website - www.pursuinghim.ca  “Take...

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“Oh For A Drink…”

15th September, 2018

1 Chronicles 11:15-19 Please do read the story. There is much more in it than can be dealt with here. The fact is that David is hiding out in a cave with his group of warriors. Things are not going too well for him and...

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They Were First Called Christians At Antioch

8th September, 2018

Acts 11:26 Luke includes this interesting piece of information into his record of the early days of the Church. No one really knows why this growing community of believers in Jesus were given this name. Whatever the reason it is obvious that the followers of...

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“He Has Delivered Us…”

1st September, 2018

1 Colossians 1:13,14 Oh praise God! When I read that, my heart rejoiced. Just the first four words are enough to make us jump for joy! “He has delivered us”. I checked out some other versions of the New Testament to see how this word ‘delivered’...

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Three, Four Letter Words That Will Change Our Lives

25th August, 2018

They are all in the opening two verses of Psalm 119. Here they are

  1. 1. Walk.
  2. 2. Keep.
  3. 3. Seek.
They are all ‘doing’ or ‘action’ words and are components of a life that is ‘undefiled’. The focus of the Psalm is the positive effect...

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Be Encouraged

18th August, 2018

There is one surefire way of being encouraged and that is by reading the Bible. With regard to the Bible, Billy Graham said: “Down through the years it’s been ridiculed, burned, refuted, destroyed, but it lives on. It is the anvil that has worn...

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