Grace In The Time Of Need

23rd January, 2018

Hebrews 4 v 16 Most of us have times of need! Times when our faith will be tested. It is in those times of testing we need to know the grace of God in our lives. The words in Hebrews 4 v 16 were written to...

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“Do This in Remembrance of Me”

13th January, 2018

Last year I forgot our Wedding Anniversary! We were married on December 10th 1959. Last year the 10th was on a Sunday and we were sitting at Sunday Lunch when Heather said "Do you know Eddie, today is a very important day" "What's that...

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“You Crown The Year With Your Goodness…”

6th January, 2018

“...and your paths drip with abundance” Psalm 65:11. This praise-filled verse always comes to mind during the New Year period. I like it because it sums up the ‘Old’ year and looks forward to the New. I like it because it covers every circumstance. The Old...

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Something To Think About

23rd December, 2017

“But Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart” Luke 2:19. She had a lot to think about! The days leading up to the birth of her baby were filled with trauma. Not only the visit of the heavenly messenger Gabriel with the startling...

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Jesus is Coming Again

16th December, 2017

He is indeed! He came once to “…put away sin by the sacrifice of himself...” Hebrews 9:26. We are so glad He came! There is an old thanksgiving hymn we used to sing;

“In loving kindness Jesus came, My heart in mercy to reclaim, and...

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Being an Attractive Christian

10th December, 2017

My wife has a favourite perfume – She came across it by accident when she met another lady with it on. When the lady went on her way, the fragrance of her perfume still lingered in the air.  Heather went to the perfume shop...

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